Jason Murray

Founder & Chief Planning Officer

Jason is the go-to at GHM for all things financial planning (he holds the CFP designation).  He’ll nerd out with you and engineer the future you dream about.  A natural number cruncher and strategy junkie, Jason will design and maintain your plan and portfolio with precision, accuracy and ingenuity.  So, in the words of the great Samuel L., “Hold on to your butts.”

Jordan Peace

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Jordan won't take off the GHM trucker cap, so don't ask.  He'll keep it real with you - layman’s terms, none of that inside jargon that nobody understands. His job is to connect with you, learn what makes you tick, and make sure you feel heard. Jordan is here to give our members the best experience possible and inspire them to dream big and stick to their goals.


What are we all about?


We're cutting through the complexity by being simple, honest and transparent. 

No fancy words about comprehensive financial planning.  No impressive sounding lingo about proprietary portfolio management.  We’re here to talk about your money and help you get the most from it.  Plain and simple.

We met as financial advisors at a Fortune 100 company and became fast friends.  Sharing a background in college ministry and a passion for growing people, we knew that good financial planning was about more than products and investments.  It's about the emotions and behaviors that shape the trajectory of families for good and bad.  It's about the small (and often tough) decisions we make early on that compound for years to come.  It's about the transformation that occurs in our hearts and minds when we've truly achieved financial peace.

We’re here to help the people Wall Street won’t.  We’re here to help you transform your money from an obligation to an opportunity.  We’re here to help you get the most from your money so you can change your future.